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Eaglewood Hotels

Boutique Hotel with Comfort


Lakamsani Group of Companies not only believes in facilitating its clients, but gives equal satisfaction to its employees. A glaring example of this balanced approach is our hotel situated in Gachibowli, Hyderabad India. After watching the success of the hotel built for own real estate portfolio in Hyderabad, Lakamsani Group of Companies decided to integrate the hotels business into our overall Real Estate construction division. The hotel has 35+ deluxe rooms and however small, it still results in an intimate & luxurious experience. The hotel is all that you need as a comfort zone after a hectic business/personal travel tour.

The hotel services are exasperatingly amazing, responsive and effective. A single trip or call to the reception will alert the staff towards the fulfillment of your requirements. The airy & spacious rooms followed by cleaned attached bathrooms are a great deal at a cost effective rate offered exclusively to the people associated with Lakamsani Group of Companies, either a client or an employee. The variety of delicious & hygienic food items served for breakfast, lunch, brunch & supper are a catchword for every guest staying at the hotel. The cuisine with extravagant delicious desserts is a cherry on top of a great luxurious, comfortable and relaxation journey offered by Lakamsani Group of Companies.

Lakamsani Group has named our hotels as Eaglewood Hotels to give the same soothing and comfort level as Eaglewood spreading its aromatic fragrance surrounding area.Eaglewood is a wood which is most expensive and used in making of fragrance . The evolution of Eaglewood is very interesting from regular wood to Eaglewood as same as caterpillar becoming a beautiful butterfly .Regular Aquilaria wood get infected by mold.Then surprisingly this Aquilaria wood becomes Eaglewood as the infection progresses, the tree produces a dark aromatic resin in response to the attack, which results in a very dense, dark, resin embedded heartwood.

The meaning of Eaglewood would exactly matches with our hotel by aligned meaning .Although the hotel is Boutiuq and cost effective there is no difference in the experience of Soothing and comfort when compared to any hotel.

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