About Us

About Us

Our idea is to merge all the business ventures under the distinct roof of Lakamsani Group of Companies to aid all customers irrespective of their e-business ailment. Who is behind that idea? Mr. Krishna Lakamsani, having 16+ years of rich experience in all the fields ranging from IT services to e-commerce, IT systems development to e-commerce leadership & multiple other expertises whose reflection can be seen in his versatile business ventures, is the leading light of Lakamsani Group.

The offshoots of Lakamsani Group of Companies are indulged in offering you the versatile solutions, all with a single aim of complete customer satisfaction! Our several merged business ventures enabled the people to harness the transformative power of technology.

The One-Stop-Solution of Lakamsani Group helped the organizations to leverage the power of virtualization, and develop a strong cloud computing umbrella to ease the stormy days of valuable clients. The biggest achievement of our company is an international recognition attained through our working bonds between several entrepreneurs at an international scale.

The Harvard Business School Alumni, Mr. Krishna Lakamsani and the expert team of Lakamsani Group began with a single idea in mind some years back, whose transformation is not confined to a single country, but has expanded through the borders of US in countries from Canada, UK, India, and many more will join the list in the subsequent years.

Lakamsani Group is your one stop solution from computer support to IT consulting, Apps Development to hosted Database, disaster recoveries to IT outsourcing and 24/7-clientele support across the globe. We not merely make your survival possible in the current tough economy, but unveil all the success formulas to help you reach the tag of ‘Giant of IT Services’! We offer you a centrally updated onsite, offsite and Offshore services integrated with your business needs, a flexible framework offers that eases your IT department costs along with committed delivery frame work will help our clients SLA driven exciting features are wrapped around our E-commerce eco-system!
We enable you to focus on your business ventures and let us handle your rental properties, market appraisals & negotiations in terms of sale or lease of businesses. We started with the construction projects & rental properties for our own purpose, and built an internal Excellency team of Real Estate agents to cater our needs in this context. Today the deduced results have yielded insights of Construction & Real Estate agents, and now we believe to have the potential to cater the needs of our clients with same rich UX, by considering their projects as ours and completing them on high priorities.

Our end-to-end investment services ranges from financial planning, accounting outsourcing, superannuation, handling of tax issues, risk protections and a lot more! The company exhibit different headquarters at Hyderabad, India, and 4 delivery centers across the globe. One idea of giving the power of virtualization to clients that has become a new business stream is our recent foray into financial services. Whether you are a firm in the gestation phase of its business needing the first push in terms of seed funding, or an existing business firm lacking the necessary ingredients to reach the tag of an Entrepreneur, Lakamsani Group is your partner!

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About us

Lakamsani Group is a tree that extends various branches specializing in versatile...