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Commercial Buildings

Lakamsani Group of Companies also comes forth as a construction builder & a real estate match maker, where we get the best property match that suits your business demands as well as budget. As laws relating to real estate between states and territories constantly plot a varying graph, our proactive real estate agents remains upfront in doing their research homework to strike the best opportunity at the right time!

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Lakamsani Group of Companies believes in giving same quality of work to the clients, which can be reflected in its own business affairs. Some years back, the company built a commercial building project that was intended for its own rental income generation purpose. This commercial building project urged the need of the development of an internal Excellency team of Real Estate agents to cater our needs in this context. The deduced results yielded insights of Construction & Real Estate agents. Therefore, today standing poised at this stage we now firmly believe to have the necessary potential to cater the needs of our clients with the same dedicated & rich user experience, by considering their projects as ours and completing them on high priorities.

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At this stage from our previous success and appreciation received from the existing customers forced Lakamsani Group of Companies to give rise to a new business division of ‘Commercial Buildings’ header under the leadership and management of Mr. R K Chowdari, and under the tab of Real Estate Venture. The consistent hard work of our internal excellent team of real estate agents & builders portrayed the picture of the future, which depicts many more commercial buildings to come forth for the clients, and the development of 4 commercial properties for our own use or rental income generation purpose. Moreover, if you are in quest of commercial buildings or looking for safe investments through property rental services, then Lakamsani Group of Services proves its versatility once again!

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