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Lakamsani Group of Companies has enlisted the solutions of all your IT related problems under one umbrella of ‘Infovision’ headed by two leading lights of IT, Mr. Satish Gadde & Mr. Srinivas Indukuri. The company has its headquarters in India, which paves the lucid path for the customer base, across the globe.

At Infovision we make the best use of our foresightedness to give a rich user experience to our customers through compatible mobile applications, whose display is not confined to numbered smartphones, but all need phones, tablets as well as browsers.

Our aim is to tackle the cloudy situation of your e-services by offering a 24/7 access to your business, anywhere in the world. We understand your need to dovetail with enterprise systems like ‘Salesforce’ in order to expand your business presence & development of apps which will lead to a rich UX. Now all this is possible under a single roof top of Lakamsani Group of Companies.

The biggest challenge faced by SME’s now-a-days is to offer high-quality services while reducing their costs. In such a situation, customers have a dire need to manage their infrastructure in the most efficient way. This comes along with the hiring headaches of professional IT staff followed by a high recruitment budget.

But not anymore!!! We at Infovision remotely manage your infrastructure, keeping you up-to-date without exceeding your budget, but instead, exceeding your EXPECTATIONS.

The benefits of outsourcing your infrastructure support services with us, not only improves your IT infrastructure uptime and productivity but also enables you to identify the core competencies of your business.

We offer our services to all Small Medium Enterprises and ensure to safeguard their business integrity from cyber intrusion, malicious internal or external attacks that can harm the reputation of their IT infrastructure & data, annoying downtime errors due to machine failures and catastrophic data loss.

An affordable package with a competitive price and the responsive attitude of experienced technicians at Infovision is a deal you have always longed for! The service of Infovision embraces the entire scope of a cloud transition project and ensures long-term success for clients migrating to cloud services.

We also facilitate your decision making regarding a cloud adoption and offer strategic planning for its long-term success. Infovision is such a venture of Lakamsani Group of Companies that undertakes the complete responsibility of ‘Cloud Transition Management’. This will pave the path towards a defined direction of successful implementations of cloud computing services. The support team of Infovision will sheild your IT infrastucture from disasters and protect the reputation of your company.

To Learn more about about Infovision visit our website.

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