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The Seed Fund


Lakamsani Group of Companies has always remained upfront in tapping the backs of existing business firms by equipping them with our IT solutions. However, we felt the need to make the survival of such SME’s possible that still needs to surpass their gestation period with initial seed funding which can result in harvesting unparalleled success. Thus, to cater the needs of such SME’s Lakamsani Group gave rise to a new business venture, “The Seed Fund” that has been originated with this unique idea of funding great businesses ideas in their initial phases, and expecting an exit when the respective small business turns into a giant of successful entrepreneur.

According to the heads of division of the company, Mr. Kiran Parchuri & Mr. David Rice, The Seed Fund is NOT just about money, but experience as well as mentoring when you need it the most. We basically take care of your initial expenses, and help you to take your first flight in a No Fly Zone of competitive market. The seed funding provided by us acts as a catalyst to incubate your own business ideas and transform them into businesses that can be adapted accordingly. We shape your very own business ideas into an entrepreneur reality. The role of our mentors is not just to evaluate your business proposal or to plan your seed funding rounds, but they enhance your exposure by consistent interaction, discussion of your queries, and channeling the ways to eradicate them.

We help you connect potential partners; investors as well ensure insights of customer traffic towards your business. The investment process of The Seed Fund involves a cyclic phenomenon based on 6 essential elements where innovation is the word on the street, the investment and funding industry stands poised at a point in time. The concept is to generate new revenue streams for small undefined companies, by looking at the innovative ideas that can translate into sustainable and viable business strategies. The Seed Fund first looks at the company’s infrastructure, distribution network, human resource, goals, and services offered & already established relationships with stakeholders, employees and most importantly customers to generate a new business stream that paves the path for a quick yet healthy exit.

Our easily accessible investment process & well reputed statistics were well received across the globe and a pool of ideas was gathered. Now this is the point where the role of The Seed Fund begins, and we incorporate your ideas in the transformation of a lively entrepreneurship. The Seed Fund is selfless in giving back to the community, and that by participating in seeding activities, we can help make a difference in small businesses stability in a market with overwhelming competition. An evaluation program is being implemented in our company to identify the investment process flaws in everyday work, and help improve our work efficiency. Lastly, we at The Seed Fund aim to increase the market share for our investees by not only investing monetary assets on them, but most essentially investing our time in the evaluation of their business plans. We do the seeding and the resulted growth enables you to reap the profits!

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