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The foundation of IPay was laid in 2012 when its head of division, Mr. Krishna Lakamsani started working on the idea to ease the life of E-merchants in India. The idea got concrete when a high performance team followed by disruptive solutions had finally formed owing to the days and nights of hard work of Lakamsani Group & Team, and put forth a picture of combined efforts in the form of “IPay”.

IPay is a service that re-invented the way Indian E-merchants approached towards e-commerce business. It not only gave a new horizon to e-commerce ecosystem, but the implementation of IPay services altogether took it to a new level of e-business. However where the question of how we do it is still a secret, IPay does reveals what services we are giving to add value to the businesses of our clients.

IPay is working in stealth mode to aid the next generation technology in a challenging cash-driven economy. The excess use of credit cards tags India as strict cash driven economy, which is increasing the complexities of survival for E-merchants with every passing day. IPay is the easiest payment service, fully compatible with the financial affairs of your company, and between EMerchant and the EConsumer. The purpose of IPay is to spread the word and generate awareness among Financial Settlement in the e-commerce ecosystem.

To know more about IPay please visit our Website at www.IPay.in

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